Z. Umut Türem

Z. Umut Türem,
Associate Professor

The Atatürk Institute for Modern Turkish History
Bogaziçi University
34342 Bebek-Istanbul / Turkey


+90-212-359 48 75

+90-212-265 80 03 (Atatürk Institute)


Ph.D. 2010 - New York University, Institute for Law and Society
Dissertation: “Engineering Neoliberalism in the Global South: Politics of
Competition and Regulatory Reform in Turkey.”

M.A. 2001 - Sociology, Boğaziçi University, Turkey
Thesis title : “Globalization of Law and the Legal Profession in Turkey.”

B.A. 1999 - Political Science and International Relations, Boğaziçi University, Turkey.

  • Research Fellow in “Global Governance, Law and Social Thought”, Watson Institute for International Studies, Brown University (2009-2010)
  • Undergraduate Instructor:

New York University:
Politics of Administrative Law (Fall 2008)
Law and Society (Spring 2007)
Global Sweatshop (Spring 2003)

University of Massachusetts, Amherst:
Law and Culture in America (Fall 2010/Spring 2011)
Global Sweatshops (Fall 2010/Spring 2011)
Politics of Global Legal Reform (Fall 2010/Spring 2011)


Edited Volumes and Special Issues


2016    The Making of Neoliberal Turkey (Ashgate), (co-edited with Cenk Özbay, Maral Erol and Ayşecan Terzioğlu).

2014    “Introduction” in “Regulatory Translations: Expertise and Affect in Global Legal Fields”, (with Andrea Ballestero), Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies (special issue) 21(1): 1-25.


Articles in Journals


Forthcoming     “Leftist Adpersons and their Creative Craft: The Formation of the Turkish Advertising Field from the 1960s to 1980s”                                 (with İpek Tan Çelebi) Revised and Resubmitted to Consumption, Markets and Culture

2019    Rising Authoritarianism(s) and the Globalization of Law: An Initial Exploration” Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies, 26(1): 1-29.

2019    “The Banality of Exception? Law and Politics in ‘Post Coup’ Turkey” (with Saygun Gökarıksel), South Atlantic Quarterly, 118(1): 175-187.

2016    “‘The Market’ Unbound: Neoliberalism, Competition Laws and Post Territoriality” Journal of International Relations and                          Development, 19(2): 242-262.

2014    “Introduction” in “Regulatory Translations: Expertise and Affect in Global Legal Fields”, (with Andrea Ballestero), Indiana                        Journal of Global Legal Studies (special issue) 21(1): 1-25.

2014    “Competition Law Reforms in Turkey: Actors, Networks, Translations” in Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies, 21(1): 159-194.

2011    “A Clock Setting Institute for the Market Age: The Politics of Importing “Competition” to Turkey” in differences: A Journal of                 Feminist Cultural Studies, 22(1): 111-145.

2002    “Entrepreneurs, Democracy and Citizenship in Turkey”, (with Ziya Öniş), Comparative Politics, 34(4): 439-456.

2002    “European Union Enlargement: Power Distribution Implications of the New Arrangements”, (with Fuad Aleskerov, Gamze Avcı and Viatcheslav Iakouba), European Journal of Political Research, 41(3): 379-394.

2001    “Business, Globalization and Democracy: A Comparative Analysis of Turkish Business Associations”, (with Ziya Öniş), Turkish               Studies, 2(2): 94-120.


Articles in Edited Volumes 


2017    “The State of Property: From the Empire to the Neoliberal Republic” in Neoliberal Turkey and Its Discontents: Economic Policy and the Environment under Erdoğan (eds. Fikret Adaman, Bengi Akbulut and Murat Arsel) I.B. Tauris, 18-43.

2016    “Engineering Competition and Competitive Subjectivities: Self and Political Economy in Neoliberal Turkey” in The Making of Neoliberal Turkey (eds. Cenk Özbay; Maral Erol; Ayşecan Terzioglu and Z. Umut Türem) Ashgate, 33-52.

2006    “Accounting for Accountability in Neoliberal Regulatory Regimes,” (with Christine B. Harrington), in Public Accountability, Designs, Dilemmas and Experiences (ed. Michael Dowdle) Cambridge University Press, 195-219.


Miscellaneous Publications


2007        "Turkey" (with Dicle Kogacioglu), in The Encyclopedia of Law and Society: American and Global Perspectives ed. David Clark, Sage Publications (2007)


Selected Invited Presentations


2018    “Authoritarianism in Circulation? Liberalism and Legality in the Core and the Periphery”,  “Moving (Between) Cultures: Theories and Practices of Transfer" Workshop, European University Institute, Florence, April 6, 2018.

2017    “Rising Authoritarianism(s) and the Globalization of Law”, Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 25th Anniversary Conference: Globalization and Legal Studies: The Next 25 Years, Indiana University Maurer School of Law, March 23-24 2017

2015    “Institutions and Subjects of Neoliberalism in Turkey: The Case of Competition”, Özyeğin University Department of Political Science Workshop, October 9, 2015.

2015    “Neoliberalism and Legal Reform”, Kadir Has University International Law Forum Series, May 7, 2015.

2014    “Muğlak, Esnek ve Parçalanmış: Neoliberal Zamanlarda Hukuk”, Yıldız Üniversitesi Kemali Saybaşılı Anma Toplantısı, Mart 26, 2013 (in Turkish)



Selected Conference Presentations


2019    “Protesting ‘Transitional Injustice’: Everyday Complaints and the Politics of Authoritarianism in Turkey”, Annual Meeting of the Law and Society Association, May 30-June 2, 2019, Washington D.C.


2017    “Formations of Law and Authoritarian Populism in the Peripheries of Europe” (with Saygun Gökarıksel), 2017 Keyman Turkish Studies Center Conference: Law and Politics in Turkey: Reform, Authority and Emergency, Buffett Institute for Global Studies, Northwestern University, October 26-28, 2017.


2015    “The State of Property in Turkey: From the Empire to the Neoliberal Republic”, Law and Society Association Annual Meeting, Seattle, USA, May 27-31, 2015.


2013    “The Market Unbound: Competition Laws and Post Territorial Legalities?”, “International Law and the Construction of Knowledge” workshop, Lund University, Sweden, February 2-5, 2013.


2011    “Producing ‘the Market’ in Turkey: The Work of Competition Law Reforms in the Global South” Law and Society Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco, June 2-5, 2011.


2008    “‘Law and Economics’ of Competition Policy Reform in Turkey: A Critical Perspective” European Political Economy and Society in the World 2nd Midterm Workshop, Oxford Brookes University, September 12-14, 2008


2004    “Accounting for Accountability in Neoliberal Regulatory Regimes,” co-authored with Christine B. Harrington, presented at The Practice of Law and Development: Socio-Legal Approaches, Cornell University, April 18-20, 2004


2003    “Globalization of Law and the Legal Professionals in Turkey” presented at the Law and Society Association Annual Meeting, Pittsburgh, June 5-8, 2003


2001    “Entrepreneurs, Democracy and Citizenship in Turkey”, co-authored with Ziya Öniş, presented at The Second Mediterranean Social and Political Research Meeting, European University Institute, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, Florence, Italy, March 21-25, 2001


Research Grants


Erken Cumhuriyet Döneminde Devlet ve Toplum: Doğu Vilayetlerinde Halkevleri Pratikleri ve Deneyimleri, 1932-1951” (Standart project funded by the Boğaziçi University Research Fund, Project # 9165- 14ZP2, successfully closed on 14/12/2016 - 201636)


“Türkiye’de Toplumsal Cinsiyet Şiddeti Rejiminin Dönüşümü: Yasal ve Yargısal Devlet Erkleri Üzerine bir İnceleme” (Doctoral project funded by the Boğaziçi University Research Fund, Project # 11441- 16ZD1, successfully closed on 13/12/2017 - 201733)


“Rezalet Proje: Gündelik Şikayetler, Skandallar ve Otoriter Türkiye’de Siyaset” (Standart project funded by the Boğaziçi University Research Fund, Project # 16282- 19ZP3, successfully closed on 15/09/2021 – 202129)


“Adaletin Gizli Yaraları: Türkiye’de Stajyer ve Erken Kariyer Döneminde Avukatlar” (Standard Project funded by the Boğaziçi University REsearch Fund, Project # 19442 -227P2, ongoing)



Other awards and fellowships


2015                Boğaziçi University Foundation, “Academic Encouragement Award”, 2015

2011-12       Selected participant with full fellowship: “Regulating the World Society: Law, Governance, and the Quest for Global Justice” Summer Institute at Wissenchaftskolleg zu, Berlin, July 11-25, 2011 / Indiana University, Bloomington, July 9-21, 2012.

2009                Postdoctoral Research Grant, Brown University, Watson Institute for International Studies, 2009-2010

2004                Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Pre-dissertation Summer Fellowship, New York University

2001                McCracken Fellowship, New York University (2001-2006)