Ayşe Tekdal - British Policy (In Palestine) Towards the Establishment of A Jewish National Home 1915-1929

British Policy (in Palestine) Towards the Establishment of a Jewish National Home, 1915-1929

This study attempts to describe British Policy in Palestine towards the establishment of a Jewish National Home in the period of 1915-1929, and to analyze the influences and considerations, domestic and foreign, as well as Palestinian, which helped to shape that policy. The study attempts to examine the dilemmas that taxed the Whitewall. Exigencies in the context of this study are defined as the nature of the Palestine problem itself; the violent conflict between Arabs and Jews; the First World War and its attendant ramifications for Palestine; the role of the League of Nation; role of British, Arab and Jewish officials of the mandatory government.

The availability of British Government records made such an investigation possible. The British policy has been studied primarily through the unpublished Colonial Office and Foreign Office records and Cabinet papers. Relevant official published material such as parliamentary debates, Mandatory power reports, White Papers, and the records and documents of the League of Nations were also surveyed. In the non-Government class of material, research sources included the British press and secondary sources. Finally, the private papers of a number of men concerned were consulted.

As is customary, I must warn that any errors in this study are my responsibility alone. I hope that such errors will be borne with tolerance, trusting that my efforts will on balance shed some historical light upon a conflict which history has yet to resolve.

(Approved by Prof. Dr. Mim Kemal Öke, Prof. Dr. Toktamis Ateş, Assoc. Dr. M. Sükrü Hanioglu)