Cüneyd Okay - Children's Publications and the Modernization in the Daily Lives of Children

Children Publications and Modernization in the Daily Lives of Children in the Ottoman Empire

The second half of the 19th century was a period of great modernization and westernization in the Ottoman Empire. This process began with the Tanzimat (1839) and continued to the end of the 19th century. Like adults, children were also greatly effected by these rapid changes. This thesis deals with the European and Western changes in children's lives up to the end the 19th century.

The available materials and sources about children's life styles in the 19th century are very limited. For this reason, in general, primary sources were used. These sources consist of either memories of those who were children in that period or articles in children's periodicals of that period. Furthermore, books about life in the 19th century Ottoman State were also used. The modern developments in children's lives are presented under the following subjects: Education, health, daily life and literature. Children's publications are a modern development in themselves. Therefore, these publications have been presented separately and periodicals listed briefly. Children's book or books about children have been listed after the appropriate topic (for example, books about health or books about education) or in the list at the end of this thesis. The titles of books are taken from Seyfeddin Özege's catalogue. (Eski Harflerle Basýlmýþ Türkçe Eserler Kataloðu, 6 volumes 1981, Istanbul)

(Approved by Prof. Dr. Zafer Toprak, Assist Prof. Lütfullah Karaman, Dr. Zeynep Alantar)