Erkan Doğan - Parliamentary Experience of the Turkish Labour Party 1965-1969

Parliamentary Experience of the Turkish Labour Party: 1965-1969

This study is an attempt to understand the political importance of the Turkish Labour Party (TLP) ( Türkiye Ýþçi Partisi) in Turkish politics and among the Turkish left in the light of the party's parliamentary experience between 1965 and 1969. The main primary sources that have been used in this study are the archival materials of the TLP, leftist journals of th9e period, and the minutes of the Turkish Grand National Assembly. The main claim of this thesis is that the TLP's entrance into the National Assembly was an important milestone in Turkish politics. Furthermore the TLP with its insistence on parliamentary methods in order to attain political power differed from the other main sections of the Turkish left of the sixties.

(Approved by Prof. Dr. Zafer Toprak, Prof. Dr. Sevket Pamuk, Assist. Prof. Asim Karaömerlioglu)