İlknur Karanfil - The Evolution of Social Justice Discourse of Turkish Islamism and Anti-capitalist Muslims

An abstract of the thesis of İlknur Karanfil, for the degree of Master of Arts from the Atatürk Institute for Modern Turkish History to be taken June 2013

The thesis examines social justice discourse of Turkish Islamism and emergence of an anti-capitalist Muslim politics in Turkey. It looks at discourses of the Islamist parties and Islamist leaders in Turkey from 1970s to today. The research was primarily based on books of Islamist thinkers and politicians, speakings of Islamist leaders and interviews of some anti-capitalist Muslims. Additionally, articles about Islamist movement and newspaper reports were used. The conclusions reached were that the rising inequality among Muslims and AKP‘s power which is neo-Islamist made an anti-capitalist Muslim politics become possible in Turkey and an Islamic liberation theology which is based on social justice discourse in Islam emerged.